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Our Vision and Mission

Every great business has a strong direction

Our vision is to create better communication through visual information for every industry. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of custom-designed, high quality signage products that can be used anywhere for any purpose. It is built on our founding philisophy: signs can tell people messages, it can also instruct or remind people.

It's like family here. We are committed in driving the business forward, so are every new member in the team who joins us. The same level of commitment is required from everyone to achieve goals. Everyone who joins our company made it their mission to contribute and improve the business. We support our staffs so that our staffs would support our business and customers.

The Philosophy

Every industry needs signage. Be it factory, shops, buildings, vehicles or offices, signage keeps the people informed of where things are and what they need to be reminded of. We cover solutions from labels (by the centimeters) to signs (by the foot-run). We believe creating signs are fun.

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Trading Terms

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